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in the raw - organic lip balm

in the raw - organic lip balm

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A perfect blend of Organic + Natural Vegan Ingredients

Available clear, or tinted with natural colours .

The clear can be used to nourish dry skin anywhere on the body and the tinted colours....lips . eyes, cheeks.

For a firmer, solid lip colour. Fill the lips with a nude lip pencil then apply your chosen lip balm.

NATURAL #0 Your everyday lip nourishment

TINT #1. A subtle brown tint. Use it to gain a little extra highlight naturally

TINT #2 Copper glow. Awesome Summer bronze. A must on eyes + cheeks if you want that

bronzed | natural look.

TINT #3. A cross between apricot + peach. Another cheek + eye must have. A Beautiful,

peachy glow. so Natural!

TINT #4. Pink. A rosy lip glow.

TINT #5. Blush Pink . Just like Brigit Bardot loved.

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