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in the raw - happy pits

in the raw - happy pits

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GYPSY | rose geranium + clary sage + roman chamomile

natural deodorant | free of any nasties | Vegan 70g

Perspiration is our body's way of releasing toxins. It's important not to prevent this natural process. But no one wants the added social stress associated with smelly armpits.
Let Hippy Pits take care of it for you.

Our natural formula contains ZERO Aluminium + ZERO additives of any kind !
UNISEX + Toxic free

It serves to help detoxify your body + neutralise any body odour caused by the foods we consume + bacteria found on our skin.
Perfectly scented with anti fungal + antibacterial essential oils, packaged in an easy 70g jar

If you've got me in a tube, wind me up just a touch + glide me onto your nice clean pits after showering. You may need to massage me in a bit.If I'm travelling in a tub for you, then just a small pea sized amount will do the trick. As mentioned , I'm made of ZERO anything that's not natural & raw, so on super hot days, I like to be stored in a cool environment. And make sure you keep me away from water as I’m preservative free too !

Im blended from Nut oils + Pure essential oils that are not always agreeable with everyone. So, If you have an existing medical condition, are taking medication, may be pregnant or breastfeeding, Check with your medical practitioner prior to using me. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.
Sodium Bicarbonate may cause skin sensitivity in some people, particularly after shaving or hair removal. Discontinue if irritation occurs.
Some people may be susceptible to skin irritation from Pure essential oil of peppermint. Discontinue if irritation occurs + switch to a non peppermint blend.
Clary Sage oil should be avoided during pregnancy.

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